Sarah Fraser      



Life is an adventure worth living to the fullest, and Sarah Fraser's professional ambitions certainly reflect that. Armed with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a deeply ingrained work ethic, she has parlayed her immense energy, curiosity and talent into international event management and communication with her highly successful company Prime Area Events.

But just who is Sarah Fraser ?

The public persona paints her as a discreet, well-connected
entrepreneur, whose launch of a first small business in Cannes proved an immediate success, which quickly evolved into a solid career in international event management. Her basic
premise of connecting the right people with the right
project is simple but effective and delivers consistent results. On a business level, she has achieved much in a relatively short period of time and has developed an impressive list of clients and contacts.

Wary of the spotlight, Sarah prefers to direct attention away from her personal achievements onto the numerous special events and projects she is working on with her team of trained professionals.

Discretion is key to her signature style.

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